Acronyms and Abbreviations

cm/yr = centimeters per year

ft = foot/feet

ft/day = feet per day

ft/yr = feet per year

ft2 day = square feet per day

ft3 day = cubic feet per day

Kx = hydraulic conductivity in x direction (meters per day or feet per day)

Ky = hydraulic conductivity in y direction (meters per day or feet per day)

Kz = hydraulic conductivity in z direction (meters per day or feet per day)

m = meters

m/day = meter(s) per day

m2/day = square meters per day

m3/day = cubic meters per day

mm/day = millimeter(s) per day

mm/yr = millimeter(s) per year

Ss = specific storage (m-1 or ft-1)

Sy = specific yield

BC = boundary condition

.BLN = boundary line file extension used in ITASCA codes

.BUD = budget file

C = constant-head boundary

.DAC = FEFLOW ASCII result file

.DBF = dBASE file in shapefile

.DAT = data file

.DXF = AutoCAD “Drawing Exchange Format” file

ET = evapotranspiration

.FEL = MINEDW data file list

.FEM = FEFLOW ASCII data file

FEMFLOW3D = United States Geological Survey code/program

FLAC3D = ITASCA code, “Fast Lagrangian Analysis of Continua in Three Dimensions”

.FLW = flow file

GUI = graphical user interface

ID = identification

.LAK = pit-lake file

OpenGL = OpenGL graphics file format

.OUT = output file

.PLB = simulated head output file

.PLT = ASCII file

.PRJ = project file

.PST = MINEDW geometry file

.SEP = seepage file

.SHP = shapefile file format

.SHX = index file in shapefile

.STL = stereolithography file

.SVG = scalable vector graphic file format

USGS = United States Geological Survey

.VRML = Virtual Reality Modeling Language file format

ZOR = zone of relaxation

2-D = two-dimensional/two dimensions

3-D = three-dimensional/three dimensions

3DEC = ITASCA code, “Three-Dimensional Distinct Element Code”