4.0 Importing Data Sets

The MINEDW program can import MINEDW model data sets as well as FEFLOW data sets.

4.1 Importing Earlier Versions of MINEDW Model Data Sets

To import a MINEDW model data set or FEFLOW data set into MINEDW, select “File/Import” from the Main Menu banner at the top of the screen. The “Import File” dialog box opens, as shown in Figure 4.1.


Figure 4.1 The “Import File” dialog box

When selecting a data file, five options are available: 1) MINEDW geometry file (.PST), 2) MINEDW data-set file (.FEL), 3) FEFLOW data-set file (.FEM), 4) FEFLOW results data file (.DAC), or 5) stereolithography (.STL) file, which is used to import a finite-element mesh. If a MINEDW geometry file (.PST) is selected, then only geometry and zone information are imported; however, if a MINEDW data-set file (.FEL) is selected, then all information related to the model inputs is imported. After selecting the desired model data file, click “Open” to continue.

The MINEDW data-set file (.FEL) contains a list of references to MINEDW model files, which must be in the same directory as the .FEL file when the model is imported. If a .FEL file was created using a prior version (e.g., before MINEDW 3.0) of MINEDW, then the “Define Simulation Start Date/Time” dialog box appears (as shown in Figure 4.2). If the MINEDW data set was created with MINEDW version 3.0 or greater, the time-step information is imported automatically.


Figure 4.2 The “Define Simulation Start Date/Time” dialog box

When importing data from a .FEL file created by versions prior to MINEDW version 3.0, the simulation start date refers to time step = 0 in the simulation. After entering the simulation start date, click “OK” to complete the importing process. A progress window appears (Figure 4.3), showing the completion percentage of the import.


Figure 4.3 The “Importing” data progress window

Time-varying conductivity (e.g., ZOR) information cannot be imported into MINEDW when importing from .FEL files created by MINEDW prior to version 3.0 and has to be regenerated using the “Open Pit” menu.

4.2 Display the Imported Model

After the model files are imported, the model can be displayed using plot items, as described in Chapter 3.